CBAP – CH1-2 – CaseStudy

You have been working as a business analyst on a project for 6 months. The project aims to implement a new human resource management solution that can manage employee records and performance management processes more effectively than the current manual processes.

Jane, the HR executive, is the sponsor for the project and has asked you to provide an overview of the new business analyst who has just joined the project and to also introduce her to all the other stakeholders involved with the project.

Katie, the new business analyst, is very interested in meeting people and you promised to introduce her to everyone during the team meeting. The first person to attend the meeting is Chris, the guy who is responsible for making sure all deliverables are delivered on time and within budget! Then, Susie walks in with her usual coffee in hand and a general sigh about being so busy trying to explain to the vendor team that the human resources policies and procedures in this company are simply more complex than other companies….

The software vendor manager, Bruce, is quite a stubborn guy and is only concerned with delivering what they have available today in their solution; he is not very interested in understanding the nuances of the company’s policies and special procedures. This means that Cassandra, the change manager, will have her hands full when implementing the solution in the human resources team. You haven’t had the opportunity to introduce Katie to the HR operational manager or the test lead yet but promise to do so after the meeting.

You have to run off after the meeting to continue a workshop, which is all about defining the capabilities and qualities of the requirements to ensure that all stakeholder requirements are being met. You provided Katie with information regarding the goals and expected outcomes for the initiative that she needs to become familiar with before you introduce her to more people.

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